8 NFL contract extensions. BTW, 6 of these players need a new financial advisor. Can you help?

Here are 8 NFL contract extensions (image below) just posted.
(includes exact $ amount)

“NFL Transactions.” Spotrac.com, 9 Sept. 2020.

They represent over half a $1B in contracts.

When these 8 athletes retire (per Sports Illustrated stats): 
78% of them will have major financial issues (within 2-5 years).

This means that without help now, 6 of these 8 athletes are headed down this path.(think about it, someone doesn’t just go broke.

There is something they’re doing or not doing now that is leading them down this path, hence they need a new FA, now).

Are you open to helping athletes?

If so, contact the sports agent to help.

Or, since we’ve been doing this for +10 years…

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