Financial advisors & real estate agents…Get same day referrals during COVID in 3 insanely simple steps (posted on our Facebook page)

Brian went LIVE on our Facebook channel last night to talk about these 25 influencers connected to people in need of help navigating thru this COVID circus.

Whether it is their money management needs or real estate needs.

In this message he shares a case study on a Morgan Stanley advisor who landed a $70,000,000 account (in house in <3 weeks) doing this 1 technique he discusses.

He shares:

  • Who the 25 influencers are
  • Why they are only accessible by you
  • How to reach out to them immediately AND…
  • How to get SAME DAY REFERRALS from them!

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Sound like a plan?

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Brian Ouellette (don't let the jazz hands distract you lol) shares 3 steps to major referrals in the midst of this covid circus