Do not ask for referrals

You’re open to help more more clients (above and beyond your current clients) get thru covid, right? 

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Back in 1996, I was on the shores of the Hudson River in Weehawken, NJ.

I was in the midst of the month long PaineWebber training program (PaineWebber=UBS now, for the younger readers:).

In hindsight, it was an impressive program all the way through.

At the time, I didn’t fully apprciate it.

I felt like I was back in school.

Didn’t have the best attitude.

Oh to go back in time!:)


We were on our 3rd day of referral training.

The instructor…

The lesson…

“Ask for referrals, always.”

I got it. 

It made sense.

Each meeting.

Each social setting.

Family, friends, etc.

Put yourself out there.

Ask for referrals.

The rock star FAs always ask.

I was a fresh 24 years old.

I listened & did it (often).

It worked.

Guess what? 

I hated it.

It seemed phony…

“So, you know anyone who needs an FA?”

It felt so blipping generic.

I was too vanilla in how I’d ask.


If only I knew then what I know now:)

(You are about to know it!)

Now, not to totally knock asking for intros/referrals.

Asking IS having bait in the water.

And…Bait>no bait.

But, it’s weak bait.

In the past decade…

We have invested +20,000 hours into finding the better bait.

We found it.

Far superior bait.

A way that is the opposite of phony.

A way that builds massive goodwill.

A way that strengthens your relationships.

A way that can land same day intros.

A way that helps people, by actually…

Helping people.


We call it providing RIA (results in advance).

Merrill Lynch figured this out in 1948.

It brought ML +3M leads in 2 years.

Ken Fisher figured this out in the 80’s.

He manages +$120B now as a result(he’s worth +$4.5B, too).

BTW, he’s pretty much an avg. FA

He just found a better way to market–with this bait.

Do not ask for referrals this way

Guess what?

Most FAs DO NOT use this bait.

Or they try it, don’t get results.

They move on.

We have finetuned this system.

It’s turnkey.

And we have it for you.

We’ve taken it down to a 3 step system.

BTW, you can implement this quickly.

As in, today.

You can learn it in the next 7-minutes.

It can be a COVID game changer.

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There’s NEVER been a better time to plug this system into your business.

No question.

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P.S. With me being a retired financial advisor, our members are primarily FAs.

BUT, this system works for real estate agents, too!

BTW, it may even be MORE effective for you over our FA members.
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