Give your clients permission to refer you

I bet you assume…

If one of your clients has someone who needs help with: managing their money, tax strategy, concerns about getting thru the covid craziness, etc…

They’ll just automatically send them to you, right?



Sometimes yes, BUT…

It’s a gray area.

I know this because I’m on the other side of the desk now (an old PaineWebber/UBS FA who sold my book in 2004).

Gray areas are no bueno.

Being on the other side and having an FA and FAs courting me, I see it from a whole different perspective.

If it is gray, if it’s not crystal clear that you (as their FA) are open to speak to non clients, the gray area can strangle introductions that are just sitting there waiting for you, right now, as you read this.

Here is your instant solution to this {firstname}…Because of this FACT it dramatically helps you if you eliminate the gray to make it crystal clear that…

You are available to help non-clients navigate these UNCHARTED waters, too.

This is giving your clients PERMISSION to connect you with their +6,000 prospects.

When you do this you open up a flood of potential NEW CLIENTS.

Ones with trust built into the cake (the key ingredient to referrals).

Also, ones who most likely need a guide thru COVID and it’s repercussions. 

Making sense?

Now think about this…

  • Each 1 client of yours, between just their social media circles (FB, LinkedIn) is connected to roughly +600 prospects.
  • Your top 10 to 25 clients give you a reach to 6,000 to +10,000 prospects, right now.
  • These numbers are so big, you never need to leave your circle of clients to expand your AUM
  • What is possible when you give permission to your clients to refer YOU? Same day, HOT referrals.

Let’s make this black & white & crystal clear for your top 10-25 clients!

Before we show you how, does this make sense?
If yes, watch my overview of this I just recorded for you here (or click the image below).

Here I walk you thru the incredible reach you have, right now and show you how to to open up a world of new connections, referrals, clients & AUM by. following our simple, yet effective model