I Bet You “Cannot” Answer This Question About Your Top 10 Clients…

So the question…How many people is the avg. person connected to in 2021?


Thanks to the reach of social media now, between family, friends, work, hobbies AND social media, the avg. person now is connected to +600 people

This means 1 of your clients is connected to +600 people.

Your top 10 clients are connected to +6,000 people.

Your top 25 clients are connected to +15,000 people.

BTW, bonus question: Who most closely resembles these top clients?

These +6,000 connections.

Have you ever thought about how deep the reach is that you have with your #1 COI (center of influence)?

We have. So much so, we have been working 7 days a week (since Sept. 12th) to build you a referral generating software app around the above fact.

Our referral app is built to provide your top clients a simple way to introduce you to their +6,000 connections.

BTW, they love you for this (AND you never have to annoy them by asking for referrals again with this app).

Guess what? We’ve also built a brand new webinar around this truth we discovered.

It came from R&D that came from +20,000 hours of working with pro athlete advisors (financial advisors, attorneys, realtors).

We have flipped the webinar to ON-DEMAND. What’s this mean? Means you can hop on right now.

0 downside, endless upside.

As far as the upside, using a specific technique (has to do with a P.S. you use in your emails, we give you the exact words to use) that we teach in this webinar you can land a key referral(s), today!

How cool is that? Very!:) So much so, do not miss this webinar.