✉️P.S. You or someone you know have a question about ________?

Though there are +30 ways to share your referral URL, a simple P.S. in your emails shows how simple it is to use our referral app to:

  • Connect with the +6,000 people your top 10 clients are connected to
  • Uncover additional needs from your top clients
  • Connect with your top center of influence (COI) biz relationships

Your AskMyAdvisor URL (like this demo) is by invitation only.

So there’s an automatic “prestige factor” for your top clients you give access to.

Also, this marketing campaign is highly transparent. Allowing you to closely track what is working and what is not.

Here is a sample email DEMO (below) for a “financial advisor named James Allison” and what his P.S. could look like…


To: One of your top 10 clients

Subject line: Update


P.S. Upcoming tax filing deadlines – Are you prepared? If you or someone you know has a question about this or anything else…
Ask me here.

(this is by invitation and only available for my favorite clients and the people in their lives).


Do you think that can trigger more connections/referrals? You bet!

Go ahead and test it out here and ask a question (can be “what color is the sky”).

It should start clicking on what this app is all about and how to use it.

You can literally have your Q&A Landing Page (like this) LIVE in 10 minutes.

Starting to click a bit?

If so, hop on our on-demand webinar here.

In this, you’ll get the full 411 on how to put this to use, today & learn what all the hype is about (see image below).

And how to access the app as a founding member for +80% off.

Sound like a plan? Grab a webinar seat here. It’s on-demand for instant access. Brian

P.S. If you want a demo account (60-second access) to test it out, first…Hit reply to this email with the subject line: “demo account”

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