This referral funnel (blueprint) makes it impossible for your top 25 clients not to share you

This has been a crazy time. 

In the midst of this covid craziness, we’ve refined this REFERRAL BLUEPRINT to an exact science.

I cannot believe the upside this has for you to land major referrals (today is possible).

How big is this REFERRAL BLUEPRINT share we’re giving you ($0 cost)?I sold my book of business in 2004. But…If I wasn’t having so much fun with Pro Athlete Direct and our members, I would seriously consider getting back into the biz to use this system and give FISHER INVESTMENTS a run for the money in raising MONEY, fast.

Access the full 3 step referral blueprint here

Before we sent the email yesterday (Subject: Retired PaineWebber broker “cannot believe” all FAs aren’t doing this 1 thing*), I recorded this message (video) that details key parts of the email.

It (video) details:

  • Who these 25 influencers are
  • How to access them
  • Why only you have access to these 25 influencers
  • How to learn the full system in our COVID CLIENT RESPONSE & RECOVERY WEBINAR for $0 cost (includes +$2,500 in bonuses for participating)

This is huge and I want you to understand why it’ so big for triggering referrals. Check out this message from me to you here, cool?