Want to learn more in half the time? Try this simple hack when watching videos

We all have busy days trying to maximize each and every minute. The challenge, often times, we get sidetracked, off focus and end up running on a treadmill (figuratively) staying in place.

As a coach, part of my entire day is focused around improving my skills as a coach. Learning from others who are elite at the game. Tim Ferriss, Dan Henry, Frank Kern, etc.

A hack I’ve used every now and again over the years, has reared it’s head again during covid. It has to do with watching videos.

Clearly videos have become a key delivery vehicle for education, across the board. The popularity has gone thru the roof because it simplifies learning (vs. having to read thru pages and pages, etc.). You get someone to speak it to you, often with great visuals, etc. Videos are a great way to learn, right?

So to learn quicker, what’s the hack?

Simply increase the speed of the video you’re watching. Most players (now) allow you to go to: 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x. That is it.

So if a video is 30 minutes and you only have 15 minutes? Turn it up to 2x. This allows you to digest more information and guess what?

Your ears will automatically adjust. It’s crazy.

Yes yes yes

How to do this? Give yourself about 2 to 3 minutes to adjust but suddenly, it will just about sound normal.

There are times I’m doing this where I literally have to double check, is it really 2x? It’s crazy. Then you go back to normal and it almost sounds slow.

This takes some practice but it’s incredible at increasing your efficiency. BTW, if you want to be elite at anything, it takes practice, right?

Try this out and let us know how it works.