What is a unique way you (initially) met 1 of your top 25 clients?

The stock market selloff (triggered by COVID-19) has bounced back hard off the March lows…

There is still uncertainty of the long term impact of COVID on investors (savings, retirement preparing and retirement), right?

As we study “what” the elite financial advisors are doing, right now, to best take care of their clients (& prospects) during this unprecedented time…

We are taking an in-depth look into the importance of connections (current connections & new ones) to do this.

The preface: To have any client, a connection, initially, is required (connections are the common denominator every client has). 

These connections lead to: >new relationships>referrals>clients>new AUM for financial advisors.

Around the need for financial advisors to immediately increase their connections to help more investors get thru COVID (while growing their client base & AUM), we have 2 questions for you (your answer(s) can be a couple of sentences or much longer explanations):

1.) What is the most unique way you CONNECTED with 1 of your 25 top clients OR what is a key way you make new connections in this environment?

2.) How do you open yourself up to your top 25 clients to make it easy for them to CONNECT you with their current relationships (family, friends, social media)?

Answer just 1 of the 2 or both.

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In the story, we will include your reply AND your: name, firm, city location, specialization (tax strategy, hedging concentrated equity positions,  etc.), favorite quote you live by**, head shot (if you choose) (OR you can choose to be anonymous in the post).

We look forward to hearing from you on this here
(BTW, no answer is a bad answer).

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