What’s the #1 thing this COVID “Twilight Zone” has taught you?

We often learn the most from the biggest challenges in life, right? COVID is proving to be no different. We adapt, evolve, and learn from the bumps in the road.

It’s quite amazing how we innovate & create when we’re not comfortable. Our question we asked these bright minds was this: What is one of the #1 things you’ve learned in 2020 as a result of the pandemic?

This can be related to business innovations, health hacks, relationship tips, skills you’ve picked up, OR whatever comes to mind. This article is all about helping more people get thru COVID by actually…Helping more people (a novel thought, right:).

Here are some thoughts from some handpicked founders & company leaders on how they evolved to adapt and win thru this pandemic.

Since we had over 55 founders, leaders & execs reach out to us on this, this will be an ongoing series as we continue to work to help more not just survive the pandemic, but Thrive thru it!

Real-life action, examples & results are a great way to learn how you can do the same! Check this out…

I am Dr. Livingood, yes that is my real name. In 2007 after nearly losing my father to health conditions, I discovered solutions that got my father off 15 medications and overcame major heart and autoimmune conditions.

Now my two Amazon #1 Best Selling books, 25,000 patients of experience, and Livingood Daily Lifestyle impact millions online.

Dr. Livingood, “I have learned to look at the pandemic as an opportunity not a setback. I believe being forced to adapt as a company can bring growth.”

As a small business owner trying to navigate through this uncertain time, I
have learned to look at the pandemic as an opportunity not a setback. I
believe being forced to adapt as a company can bring growth.

At Livingood Daily, we directed a lot of our focus towards online business when the virus hit. This shift helped to develop our support team to remotely focus on online business, especially on the weekends. Guidelines and goals were established to make this work.

By measuring the results of our team while working from home and setting goals, we were able to turn the virus into a positive. If we weren’t hitting results, then our systems needed to be improved and we would have an opportunity to then make the company better.

We built out a community space for our team to work in during the week, but we know we now could go remote at any moment and that makes us stronger as a company.

Shifting the approach and perspective outlook on difficult situations is the key to getting through them.

Dr. Livingood, CEO of Livingood Daily, www.drlivingood.com

Hey Dr. Embracing “going remote” vs. fighting it. I love it!

Brian Ouellette, AskMyAdvisor

The biggest challenge goPure Brands has had to overcome during the pandemic is creating a brand that people can trust and rely on.

However, thanks to social media and our Facebook group we have been able to build that trust among our loyal customers. We are able to deliver a product and service that they will enjoy and recommend to other people. Another challenge that we have had to overcome, is making sure we have enough inventory. This pandemic has been very challenging for everyone especially in our industry, where we rely heavily on shipments so having enough inventory can sometimes be quite difficult.
Alex Keyan, CEO and founder, goPure Beauty

Hey Alex. I’ve noticed the inventory issue talking to founders and from a consumer standpoint. It’s a tough balance to have enough, but not too much!:)

Brian Ouellette, AskMyAdvisor

As weird as it sounds when COVID first hit I was busier than ever. So I
didn’t experience that COVID slow down feeling for months. Everyone was
baking bread and planting gardens and I was still putting out
business-related fires and supporting clients in crisis.

When I did, finally, hit that lull, I realized how much time I had in a
week and that I was wasting too much of it on work. So I decided to start
officially taking weekends off and cutting back my hours. As it turns out,
as long as I stay focused and work through my tasks – I actually do have
time to have weekends off, bake bread, and take a walk.
Gwen Montoya, CMO
The MOB Nation

Hey Gwen. Love the idea of “balancing time” a bit better. One of the hidden gems that will go beyond COVID, right?

Brian Ouellette, AskMyAdvisor

COVID has taught me the power of an online presence.
COVID has made the people that swore they would never be online change their habits.

Rather that be from reading online articles, paying bills online, etc. With not being able to do direct sales or in-person meetings, the need for an
online presence as a business has ramped up.

My biggest takeaway of COVID in 2020 is building your business online brand is essential.
Neal Johnson, owner, NOW Property Investments LLC

Hey Neal. We can all use a little more online presence, right? Good stuff.

Brian Ouellette, AskMyAdvisor

COVID “Twilight Zone:: Flexibility has always been key to our survival and growth.
And this past year was no exception. Recognizing early on that the pandemic would affect various geographic areas and economic sectors in different ways, we decided to expand our focus globally, also reaching out to a wider range of industries.

As a result, when certain parts of the U.S. and particular regions of the world would see a spike in COVID cases, any consequent declines in demand for our services would be offset by increased demand elsewhere, thus ensuring a consistent flow of business and no interruption of workflow during these challenging times.

William Scott Goldman
Managing Attorney/Founder

Opened up markets you weren’t focusing on prior? Brilliant! The saying a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor comes to mind:) Nice work!

Brian Ouellette, AskMyAdvisor